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This page highlights a few of our many patients and their reviews, thoughts and testimonials of our dentists. Click the videos of our dental patients talking about their experiences here at our office.

“He exceeded my expectations”

I consider myself really fortunate to have Dr. Scoles as my dentist. As a former dental hygienist, I came to the office with high expectations and he exceeded my expectations. He’s caring and compassionate …and clinically that end result of his dentistry is … I’ve always had fantastic results. One thing that’s really great about Dr. Scoles is that he embraces new techniques and technology and strategies and he does that in a way that is proven and called for …he’ll utilize it. And he’s really progressive and I feel like that is a benefit to me as a patient. I think Dr. Scoles is really effective at making patients feel comfortable because he communicates with them so well. And his persona is such that he comes across as caring and compassionate …and he works slowly with patients …and definitely factors in there …where they are individually.

“My kids love going to the dentist … they love Dr. Scoles”

Both of my kids love going to the dentist …my son writes thank you notes after he’s done to Dr. Scoles and his staff …my daughter cries when she can’t go to the dentist and someone else gets to go to the dentist …so they love the hygienist, they love the office staff and they love Dr. Scoles. They love it. He’s fun, he understands …and it’s fun getting a new toothbrush. I’ve had two other crowns done …and you go in and you get your tooth ground down and then they do the temporary …put that on and then you have to come back in a few weeks and get the temporary off and they have to fit it …sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t fit, you know, so you’re looking at two to three visits and a lot of time. But with the new Cerec crowns, I was able to get it done in an hour and forty minutes, from when I went to the dentist to when I was out.

They take pictures with a little machine that takes pictures of your bottom teeth and your top teeth and makes the perfect crown for your tooth …on a computer model. And they make the crown right there in the office. And so they put the crown on and you feel how it feels and they had to shave it down a little on each side …and then when it feels just perfect they go in and they bake it …and they come back and they glue it on and file it down a little to make it nice and pretty …and your done. And so it’s an hour and forty minutes …you’re in and out … I had no pain with the procedure and the tooth feels absolutely great.

Anyone who’s looking for a dentist whether they have kids, or single, they’re older … I’ve always referred them to Dr. Scoles’ practice …and told them how he has a lot of cutting edge technology, he gives great shots, he’s great with kids …my kids love going to his office …and anyone who’s ever taken me up on that referral has come back and thanked me for it.

“Dr. Scoles is simply the best dentist I’ve ever had … their practice is hands down one of the best”

Dr. Scoles is simply the best dentist I’ve ever had …and I just … their practice is hands down one of the best I’ve ever been to. What I really like about the practice is that it’s just so friendly. I really thought it was remarkable that …like my hygienist that I see every time I go to the practice like remembers specific things about me and she’ll ask about my family and …they’re just very down to earth …and I don’t know, you sort of feel like part of the family here …and that’s something that I’ve never had with a dentist before …this one’s been, you know, kinda, it’s professional but it’s kinda cold and ya know you go in get your teeth cleaned and you leave. But I feel like when I go to Dr. Scoles’ office …I don’t know, it’s just a really pleasant experience …and ya know you sit in the chair and they give you that warm back pillow … I joke about it being like a dental spa cause it’s a really pleasant experience. I really appreciate the fact that he, ya know he kinda talks you through the procedures that he’s gonna be doing. I’ve had cavities filled, I’ve had to have crowns done …and he’s just really patient, you know he checks in with you ya know all the time to make sure you’re not in pain …I mean not that I’ve ever had that bad of an experience with the dentist before …but, I just really appreciate the fact that they’re …they just provide a lot of information. You know anytime Lindsey my hygienist is working on me, she’ll tell me like everything she’s about to do, and so you just feel like, you know what’s coming up and yeah I’ve never had any anxiety about going to the dentist for anything. Oh I’ve referred a lot of friends to Dr. Scoles, so anytime somebody’s new to the area, or just looking for a new dentist, I’ll tell, I tell people like oh you’ll love my dentist …and that’s the other great thing about Dr. Scoles is that he’s just really personable …everybody in the office is really personable …ya know anyone who’s looking for a dentist can’t go wrong, if they’re going to Dr. Scoles.

“I would have never expected a dental appliance to solve migraines … it changed my life”

I had several migraines a week, uh two to three massive migraines a week and during one dental appointment, I mentioned it to the dentist and he told me about a new appliance, called the NTI …and he thought I’d be a prime candidate for it. So he fitted me for it and within just the first few times of wearing it I noticed a big change …there wasn’t the tension any longer …I now maybe have one migraine a month, if that, so it’s a huge change. We also did this for my son …he was having migraines also …and at sixteen having migraines is not something you want to have. The NTI, it actually sits between your front teeth and it helps at least for me, I was clenching so hard, that I was extending some of the muscles up here and so that is what helped cause the migraines for me and my son …so with the NTI it makes it so I cannot clench that hard and tighten those muscles.

I would have never expected a dental appliance to solve migraines. I had gone to my regular doctor and we tried other medications and none of those worked. And so I was a bit skeptical at first …and I thought okay well it’s just another NightGuard, but no it’s not a NightGuard. It changed my life.

“It made a big difference … it’s been very sucessful” – referring to oral appliance for migraines

I would have headaches for the pressure, from the clenching …I’m one of the ones that not only, slide my teeth back and forth, but I also clench. And, there were times when I couldn’t tell if I had an earache, or a headache, you know, because I was clenching so tightly at night …to the point where if you tried to eat a piece of toast in the morning that was soft, my teeth would hurt …you know you couldn’t, I couldn’t chew very well …and I had the old fashioned NightGuard which was on all the upper teeth and it just wasn’t being effective. And when I expressed that I was having issues, even though I was wearing what they called a NightGuard …and he said, I think you need a different style. After that a appliance was used …I noticed the first night …there was a big difference …I slept all night and I don’t know when I’ve slept all night, ya know, prior to that, it made a big difference. I haven’t had such, ya know, jaw pain and ya know, or headaches when I wake up either. So it’s been very successful.

What Sets Us Apart?

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  • Advanced Dental Technology
  • Average Staff Tenure 15+ Years
  • Ideal Exact Placement of Implant
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  • Emphasis on Education & Prevention
  • Free Teeth Whitening for New Patients
  • Believe in Giving Back to Local Community
  • See What We See with Our Intraoral Digital Cameras
  • Dr. Scoles is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy
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